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"Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH" is a collection company that has been approved by the presiding judge of the Osnabrück district court. This is the foundation for our respectability and professionalism.

We take care of accounts receivable in the high-quantity range. We work for companies that can turn over at least 100 accounts receivable to be fulfilled per year. We don't pursue individual accounts receivable. Our clients operate in the area of "B to B" or "B to C". That is why "Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH" contacts both companies and end consumers with regard to outstanding accounts receivable and provides for liquidity. Our receivables management offers custom-made solutions for different demands. Our clients all get one thing:

Reliable action according to proven principles including intuitive instinct and perseverance.