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Guiding principles of the company - Guiding principles of the company - Guiding principles of the company!

"Allgemeiner Debitoren- und Inkassodienst GmbH" consists of a team of employees who want to achieve something together. That is why there are guiding principles that they all feel a rapport with and that are binding for everyone.

1. We are successful because the interest of our clients are at the center of attention. We are only satisfied when our clients are satisfied.

2. We are service-providers because we make a contribution towards ensuring the success of our customers. Experience, creativity and ideas are part of our work, just as technology, service and know-how are part of our services. Both of them together are service and performance.

3. We work in a result-oriented fashion because a person who doesn't know about results doesn't have certainty. Only completed payments and liquidity are a good result. We want to achieve that.

4. We react quickly and flexibly because the requirements of our clients are important to us. Whether with regard to time, content or organization – we accomplish what is allegedly impossible.

5. We create trust because we offer a willingness to listen, understanding and loyalty. That applies to our clients, in the team and in collaboration with all of our partners. Trust counts.

6. We support initiative of one's own because individual persons have to take action, even in a team. Tasks are independently performed and responsibility is conscientiously taken on within an agreed-upon framework. Mistakes sometimes occur in the process, but we talk about them and solve problems. We get better and better because we learn from that.

7. We achieve our goals because we know what we can do and what we have already accomplished. We find the courage and the strength to shape our future based on this experience and knowledge.

8. We are our own business card because the commitment and reliability of our employees remains in the memory of our customers The more a team identifies with its tasks, the more successful the result.

9. We feel fine because good equipment, friendliness and a common goal create a positive atmosphere. Attentiveness and openness are the anchors in our daily routine, so we get along with each other.